It seems I’ve stopped speaking with my voice. Part of me fell asleep and just watches.

Fernando Pessoa (via obse0)

Junii Shimada of Diamond Club Tattoo in SF

Of Monsters and Men, “Dirty Paws”

Here is the ending before the beginning:
I pick you out of my teeth like spinach.
I take a bath and I don’t think about drowning myself.
My sister spends the weekend at the apartment and
doesn’t ask me about it, even though she can see
that my teeth have gotten sharper since last time.
Your name is just a name.
I am still in one piece when I close the door.
I say “thank you for everything” and wipe my mouth.
You watch the Discovery Channel and see a lioness
lick her bloody paws after a kill.
You think of me and wonder if the grass was really so tall
that you couldn’t see me coming.
I am growing into something fierce and hungry.
When I kiss your skin, I am only trying to taste your bones.
Whatever is left of you, I hope it forgets me.

Caitlyn Siehl, "Prey" (via alonesomes)